PlayStation VR Details Released, Star Wars Battlefront VR Announced

Sony has announced that PlayStation VR will release in October with the price tag of $399.

The news comes from this years GDC (Game Developers Conference) where Sony also revealed they are working with EA to bring Star Wars Battlefront to the platform.

“It’s been a long road for virtual reality,” said Andrew House, CEO of Sony’s games business. “It has ignited a shared passion through all the levels of the company.”

Sony noted there are more than 230 developers working on PlayStation VR software. Andrew House also noted that VR “is a big part of the future of gaming.”

PlayStation VR of course works alongside the PS4 to create a virtual reality game. It has a processor built in, but also utilizes the PS4 power to enhance performance. That being said Sony has noted that it won’t “match” the quality of Oculus Rift for obvious reasons.

This comes after the announcements of Oculus Rift costing $600 (and needing a hefty PC build to go with it) and HTC’s Vive costing $800. It makes PlayStation VR seem like a bargain.

Also coming with the announcement is the final specs which include a 5.7 OLED screen at 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution, 120 frames per second or 90 frames per second, 360-degree tracking, a 100-degree field of view, sub-18 millisecond latency, and the device will function with PlayStation Move or Dualshock  controllers that are standard with PS4.

The PlayStation Eye camera is also needed to track the controllers and player movement in real time. The controllers, Move Controllers, and PlayStation Eye are all sold seperately. There is no word of a potential bundle yet.

Also neat is that the device has 3D audio, meaning that audio will change as you turn your head. The PS4 will also get a new app to stream standard video to the device.

That isn’t all the news either, EA also announced that Star Wars Battlefront is also heading towards the device.

“This will be a Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else,” said Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, “where players can transport themselves to a galaxy far, far away.”

Sony then promised that more details and events will follow in the coming months. E3 isn’t too far away!