Pokemon Go Coming to Europe and Canada Soon; Releases Trailer

As soon as the virtual-reality real world Pokemon catching game, Pokemon Go, hit Australia, New Zealand, and North America it was an instant success.  Right now, you can walk about town catching Pokemon, training them, and even battling them for gym glory!

The Cinelinx team have not been able to put our phones down.  In fact, you may find us just wondering around parks and the office just trying to catch Pokemon.  I, personally, have spent the last two days trying to find an elusive Eevee.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have announced that Europe and Canada are next on their list.  They’ve deemed those locations as “Coming Soon”.  Future trainers should know that servers have been inconsistent and tend to go down.  The game itself also has a lot of bugs but the makers of the game are working on it.

Share your Pokemon Go experience with us!  What have you caught so far?