Pokemon Go Is Beating Facebook, Tinder, And WhatsApp

According to statistics released today, Pokemon Go is currently the leading app on mobile devices. Who knew, right? Well the interesting facts come into play when you realize Go is beating out apps like Tinder and even Twitter may slip down the hill on this rampage.

As it stands right now, Pokemon Go is the current leader on Android devices for “free” apps. This tops the annoying Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Not a huge deal considering it is a newer app, but Pokemon Go also has a return user rate of 60 percent, that means that 60 percent of all users that downloaded the app are using the app. That’s almost more daily users than Twitter.

In total, over 6 percent of all Android devices have installed the app. Seems like a small number until you realize there are over a billion units in the market. That’s more installs than Tinder ever saw.

That’s not the only battle Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger are losing either. According to statistics, people are using Pokemon Go for around 43 minutes which averages higher than all four apps. Source

That isn’t all the good news Pokemon Go is bringing us. According to stock tracking sites, Nintendo shares are also surging. Surprisingly they didn’t even make the game, but they are seeing the benefits from it. Stocks for Nintendo have surged over 25% in anticipation of the game releasing soon in Japan. This is the highest single day surge Nintendo has seen since 1983.

According to analysts, the app is making around 1.6-4$ million dollars a day, but this is based on other apps holding the top spot in app stores. Pokemon Go seems to be a much larger trend than previous monthly releases.