Pokemon GO Will Connect to Pokemon Home By End of the Year

On top of a release date and details on The Crown Tundra expansion, this morning also brought new information on Pokemon GO finally connecting to Home.

Pokemon Home launched earlier this year, finally bringing updated storage options for players to keep their captured monsters across multiple generations. So if you’ve been storing them up from all the way back to the original titles, they could all be kept in one safe spot.

Sadly though, despite being mentioned, Pokemon GO wasn’t connected to the Home service when it first launched. As such, fans have been eager to learn when they’ll be able to transfer their Pokemon from the mobile game into Home. Technically, we still don’t have a date, but The Pokemon Company has announced the link will be coming before the end of the year:

The connection will give Pokemon GO players a new opportunity to capture Meltan (previously only possible by connecting with the Let’s Go games), as well as bringing a brand new version of Melmetal who can Gigantamax!

Personally, I’m just excited to be able to drop out some of these doubles I’ve been holding onto in Pokemon GO.