Pokemon Meets Tekken: Pokken Tournament Announced

An action packed first-look video has been shared with the masses. In it we see Pokemon Machamp and Lucario facing off in a Tekken-style duel. The game is set to hit arcades in Japan in 2015 and so far there have been no indications that the game will be available anywhere else.

A Pokemon fighting game has been rumoured since last year, with the following screenshot taken from Pokemon Gameshow.


It may be disappointing news for Pokefans who eagerly awaited the Pokemon announcement, with some speculating that we would finally see a Pokemon based MMORPG, however, it is great to see the Pokemon franchise branching out a little. In that respect, if Pokken Tournament becomes a hit, we can be sure we will see more exciting developments on the Pokemon front.

Though Pokken Tournament is thus far only going to be available in Japan, it will be interesting to see which other Pokemon are revealed as fighters. Will Charizard finally get to punch Pikachu in the face? Who knows! 

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