Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are Coming to Nintendo 3DS

There’s a lot of news to come out of Nintendo’s conference, Nintendo Direct.  We’ll be getting to a lot of it shortly but one of the biggest pieces of news comes from the nation of Pokemon.

Today, it was announced that Nintendo will be releasing the three classic Pokemon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow on its flagship handheld device, the Nintendo 3DS!  

However, there is a caveat.  Despite the fact that it will be on the 3DS, this won’t be a remake. Instead, it’ll be the same classic games we knew and loved, growing up.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Nintendo did announce that they have updated trading Pokemon in these re-releases!  Now, you’ll be able to trade wirelessly with friends, wherever you may be.

Don’t be bummed by lack of other updates.  Instead, be excited that your Nintendo 3DS will have an air of notalgia to it.  The kid inside all of us should be beaming because of it.

There is no date announced for the re-releases, yet.  As more information comes, we’ll have it right here on Cinelinx.com.

Are you excited for Red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the Nintendo 3DS?