Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals Gameplay, Starters, and Release Date!

Since the initial reveal of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, gamers have been eager to see what the next generation of pocket monster battling would bring.  While the announcement mostly gave us concept art and teases, today’s first gameplay trailer brings the goods in a LOT of ways: 

There’s a surprising amount of info revealed here.  We get a good look at our new starter Pokemon (Rowlet the grass type, Litten the fire type, and Popplio the water type), but we also get to see the primary legendary creatures who are occupying the cover art for Sun and Moon respectively.  All in all, the new creatures revealed this time around look pretty good.  The starters skew towards the ridiculously cute side (just LOOK AT THE FREAKING SEA LION!), but seem fitting in our new region…Alola. 

Whereas the previous generation (X & Y) based it’s region off of France, Alola takes inspiration from Hawaii as evidenced by all the palm trees, tiki looking statues, and people running around in shorts.  Honestly, I’m really impressed with how the 3D graphics are looking.  While the franchise made the jump from sprites to polygons a couple games ago, this trailer really feels like they’ve got a great handle on it. 

{gallery}Pokemon Sun and Moon{/gallery}

I enjoyed the new perspective in X & Y, but the controls in some areas felt incredibly wonky and distinctly off.  The gameplay and movement showcased in Sun & Moon‘s trailer look much smoother and refined.  Sure, it’s a trailer and there’s no telling how it will actually feel, but as someone who’s put a stupid amount of hours into these games, I’m excited at the refinement I’m seeing.  

The biggest news from the trailer, of course, is the official release date for the game!  Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will hit the 3DS on November 18, 2016, so you can be sure to ignore your families throughout the holiday season.  What do you guys think about the new Pokemon game trailer?  Are you excited to try it out? 

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