Pokemon Sun/Moon Trailer: Kahunas, Snow Cloaks, and Exeggutor?

Pokemon Sun and Moon will take players to a region that they’ve never experienced before, Alola.  The Alola Region is supposed to be Hawaiian theme and as such will be home to all kinds of new Pokemon, exclusive to each island.  

Furthermore, the Nintendo/GameFreak/The Pokemon Company coallition are tweaking the experience by allowing players to ride Pokemon in-game, alter the ability with Snow Cloak, and use special dance abilities called Z-Moves, which cause ridiculous amounts of damage.

So far some of the changes, while different, don’t seem to make much sense.  If this is Hawaiian themed, why are they implenting Snow Cloak to the one area that barely gets cold.  Not to say I hate the change but, just on a logistics-standpoint, it’s puzzling.  Plus, the incorporation of dance seems to be excessive.  It is an essential part of the Hawaiian culture and it could work to make the game more fun.  However, its a big jump from the other generations of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Sun/Moon will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016!

What do you think of Alola so far?