Pokemon Sun/Moon Unveils Stallone Crab, Sand Castles, and a Teddy Bear

The new reveal trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon starts off strong in revealing the latest Pokemon, indigenous to the Alola region, as Crabrawler.  A boxing crab that looks strangely familiar to Sylvester Stallone‘s Rocky.  It’s a fighting type that uses Hyper Cutter and Iron Fist.

Following Crabrawler is when things get weird with this new class of Hawaiian Pokemon.  They introduce a new Ground/Ghost Pokemon, Sandygast, which is literally a mound of sand with a shovel stuck in its head.  Either it’s a Frosty the Snowman type of deal or something else but my mind literally cannot fathom its existence.  It’s special ability, Water Compaction, allows it to solidify into an actual sand castle Palossand.

Lastly, on this video is the first form of Bewear, adorably known as Stufful.  Essentially it’s a teddy bear with the moveset of Fluffy and Klutz.  Strangely enough, it’s description says that, “dislikes being touched and will flail its arms in protest.”.

If you happened to miss one of the cooler new Pokemon, check out the intro vid for Turtonator!

Pokemon Sun and Moon hit shelves on November 18, 2016!

What are your thoughts on the new Pokemon?