Pokemon Superbowl Commercial Already Online

No need to sit through a football game to see the rather neat Pokemon trailer. Good thing too because this commercial isn’t airing until the 3rd quarter of the game!

The trailer sets several people (mostly kids) up against the odds of doing something neat. Each kid witnesses the previous kid doing something awesome and whispers “I can do that.” This leads right into a Pokemon battle and a kid at the end being inspired to do the same. It is a rather inspirational trailer that sets up the entire upcoming Pokemon 20th anniversary event.

A new website has opened that details a llot o the exciting events.

The Superbowl is taking place February 7th and 30 second spots during the game cost aroun $5 million this year. If this commercial aired in its entirety then it’d cost the Pokemon company $10 million dollars. Luckily they this is the extended version and a 30 second cut will air during the game instead.