Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC Gets a Release Date

This morning, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company revealed the first details on the second part of Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s Expansion Pass: The Crown Tundra.

At the beginning of the year, Nintendo revealed the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass which would bring two full DLCs to the main game. These would not only expand on the story, but also add in new Pokemon to capture/import. After thoroughly enjoying Isle of Armor over the Summer, we’ll soon get the chance to explore The Crown Tundra.

During a special presentation this morning, fans were given their first look at the upcoming DLC, which arrives on October 22nd. More than just a new area to explore, the DLC is bringing together ALL of the current Legendary/Mythical Pokemon via “Dynamax Adventures.”

This mode is like a dungeon crawler as you explore underground with a team. Essentially it’s an expanded Max Raid, but the more you push through the more Legendary Pokemon you’ll be able to find. It’s a neat way to bring in these iconic creatures while still keeping challenges going.

Beyond that, there’s also a new tournament mode where you’ll partner up to take down the best trainers from all over Galar…an beyond. With new Galarian forms to pick up and the ability to import more classic Pokemon into your ‘Dex, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to for Expansion Pass holders next month.

Will you be diving back into Sword and Shield on October 22nd?