Pokken Tournament Helps WiiU; Nintendo Denies Ending Production

There was a report yesterday that Nintendo would be ending Wii U production by the end of this year, but it may not be true after all. According to Famitsu, via IGN, Nintendo noted that production of Wii U will continine into next year “and beyond.”

The original report was more of the likes of “inside information” though and Nintendo’s response is simply “we haven’t announced anything like that.”

Currently the Wii U has at least 12 million units sold, which is rather far behind their two competitors. Nintendo is also rumored to be launching the NX which will be a handheld / console hybrid, supposedly released in two seperate forms. The handheld portion this year, and a console version next year.

Helping the idea of keeping Wii U around is Pokken Tournament a new fighting game focused on Pokemon characters. The game just released and in Japan WiiU sales jumped up 150 percent. The unit sales went from 3,836 units to 9,644 in a week. The game itself has sold 72,505 units, becoming the number 1 best seller for the week. By comparison PS4 sold 27,354 and remains the best selling console in Japan, while Xbox One is in last with a measly 74 units for the week. (As for games Digemon has sold 52,521 units for the week.) Note these numbers are exclusive to Japan. 

Overall I am not sure what to think about the conflicting reports. A company sure isn’t going to announce that they are ending production so soon, in this case it’d hurt Nintendo’s already low numbers. Plus with NX coming soon we know Nintendo will shift focus, and what comes with that shift is most likely an end to WiiU in some regard. I personally think that shift needs to happen anyways, WiiU is doing too little too late to win core gamers over.