Prepare for Fallout 76 with 5 Spooky “Tales from the West Virginia Hills”

Before television, people used to crowd around the giant radio in their living room to listen to, what used to be called, Theater of the Mind.  Scores of actors and producers would use a bevy of instruments, sound effects, and smooth vocals to make cheesy lines seem chilling and real.  In fact, back in 1938, Orson Welles did a production of War of the Worlds, over the radio, that was so realistic, people freaked out, ran out of their homes, thinking that aliens were attacking.  The station would later have to issue an apology to its listeners for the chaos it ensued.  The Theater of the Mind format ultimately died off with the invention of the television. 

Thankfully, though, with Fallout 76 close to launch and it being Halloween, Bethesda has decided to celebrate the spookiest time of the year by bringing back the Theater of the Mind, with 5 Fallout 76 tales that will no doubt come into play as you trek the West Virginia Wasteland!  So, turn off the lights, curl up next to a loved one, and prepare for the “Tales of the West Virginia Hills“!

Curse of the Wendigo! 

It has been said that money is the root of all evil. So when greed knows no bounds and avarice goes unchecked, what other appetites might take hold? Curse of the Wendigo! chews over this very question.

Sideshow Snallygaster 

In Sideshow Snallygaster, the carnival has come to the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Billy Harding and his dad wander past the games and rides as a sideshow Barker touts a frightful attraction.

The Mothman Cometh!

Not all creatures are of the land; some stalk the skies. One such boogeyman has been reported for generations by mystified West Virginians. The Mothman Cometh! begins in Morgantown Municipal Hospital. We join young Mary Scarberry at her bedside as she wakes, looking a little worse for wear.

The Best of Grafton 

The Beast of Grafton takes place in the rural hills near Grafton, where locals have reported a strange creature lurking in the woods. Robbie Cockrell and Peggy Mansfield were out on a date, celebrating Peggy’s birthday, and a full moon loomed large as they drove.

The Strange Encounter In Flatwoods 

Who Goes There?: The Strange Encounter In Flatwoods opens on a fateful night, when a young Pioneer Scout, Fred Fisher, finds himself in quite the predicament, having taken a spill and fallen into a dark place.

Happy Halloween!  Remember, Fallout 76 releases on November 13, 2018 on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Stay tuned for all of our B.E.T.A. testing Thursday at 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday!