PS+ DriveClub Delayed Until Server Issues Are Fixed / PS4 Errors After 2.0 Update

If you have Driveclub you have probably witnessed the widespread server issues. If you don’t own Driveclub, you’ve probably heard of the problems. Well those problems continue into this week as developer Evolution is still battling server issues.

According to GameSpot the studio stated “The servers hit their absolute limit soon after the midnight launch on Oct 7 and we have been working around the clock every day since, to get more servers online and improve the way that the servers handle social activity between players.”

They go on to state that the free* PS Plus Edition of Driveclub is “on hold” while the servers are sorted out. Of course if servers are at max potential then adding thousands more to the pool would be a terrible idea, so that is understandable.

Then things may have gotten worse. While not entirely widespread at the moment, users are reporting PSN and PS4 issues following the massive 2.0 update yesterday. Issues seem to be sorting themselves out today, but several users are still reporting problems. According to VideoGamer, users are reporting everything from not connecting to PSN, to PS4’s going to sleep and never waking back up.

Sony has addressed the issues and notes they are working on fixes, but to expect intermittent PSN down time for certain users. Personally nobody at Cinelinx is having any issues at the moment, but journalists elsewhere seem to have been hit.