PS Plus Storage Needs To Be Updated On PS4

It’s one of those things I never really thought about. “Would you like your saves auto uploaded to the cloud?” Sure, why not. Yet lately I’ve been getting random alerts in my PS4 notifications area that state “Cannot upload” and it’s always a game save. In order to upload new saves I need to go to my storage management area of the PS4, delete a bunch of saves, and then I’ll be able to upload saves again. Yet even though I have been doing that, I still keep getting this error as it quickly fills right back up.

So I went to Google to see what the hell was wrong with my cloud storage. Turns out I’m not the only one that is mad about it. There is a laundry list of threads on forums like Neogaf and PlayStation’s official site, among other forums, of people talking about this error.

Turns out for some reason the saves for PS4 are pretty massive for the cloud storage. A recent view of my saves shows that Minecraft is pushing 100MB, GTA is around the same area, while Dragon Age and a few other games push even higher. You only get 1GB of storage, and game saves for PS4 titles actually grow the longer you play the game. I noticed this personally as games I hardly touched are often around 20-50MB’s, but games I’ve dumped hours into are massive like the saves I mentioned above. That’s why my small library of games is already filling it up, while my massive PS3 library not once had the issue.

Yet this isn’t a hard problem to fix as many fans have suggested multiple fixes to it. The two most common suggestions is keeping games compressed and the next is simply expanding the storage. The first fix is simple, for some reason game saves are compressed along the way for uploading, and then uncompressed on the drive. Why that happens is beyond me. It would make sense to compress the saves, upload the compressed save, and keep it compressed until the game access’ it on the system. Simple. Simply compress game saves, or only upload what is needed to back up a game.

The next solution is stating that 1GB is no longer enough.Uusers are stating what we pay for is rather lackluster, and facing facts it truly is. PS Plus is a paid service and we only get 1GB of data. Realize something simple, services like Google Drive or Dropbox etc normally offer at least 4GB of free storage. The storage they offer is high bandwith storage too since you can upload whatever the hell you want and download it whenever the hell you want. Want more storage from them? Simple, pay something small like $1 or $10 and get 10GB and up, with many cheap services ranging in the 100GB and up area. Hell a lot of these services will give you unlimited storage for similar prices!

Yet here is PS Plus making you pay for storage and it only offers 1GB. Not only that, you can’t upload anything other than saves to the storage so it isn’t even a highly accessed storage service. It’s a backup service that is just there for when you need it. Many users are suggesting that if PS4 saves themselves are not compressed, then it’s only fair that the initial service is boosted to 4GB. This is an entirely fair suggestion based on current file sizes. Other users are suggesting the option to “upgrade” the service by “paying an extra fee” for additional space, again another fair suggestion.

Yet others on numerous occasions are suggesting that the storage should simply be unlimited, and they have a good reason for it. As stated, the storage function can only be utilized for game saves and nothing else. So overall you are simply saving game files to the cloud, and if you are doing that then you are playing the games, right? Oh and there is a little fact that the Xbox is also unlimited. Plus this is a backup feature among many other things. This service should be there so that you DO return to old games and still have a save somewhere. Deleting old files so your new ones have room seems a bit counterproductive after all.

The cloud storage function has many restrictions as is, being that it’s a simple back up to game saves and not the games themselves. With digital content on the rise, people are already in a constant battle of hard drive space, so having the added benefit of a good online cloud storage would be extremely handy. Yet PS Plus is already hitting a road block. 1GB was great for PS3, but for PS4… we need a little more room.

It wouldn’t be the first time Sony has upped the capacity either. It wasn’t until a while after PS Plus was introduced that Sony allowed 1GB of storage for the PS3. Users were running out of space and having issues with smaller drives leading up to that point too, so perhaps it’s time the PS4 saw a slight bump too?

Granted we would like to see the service expanded beyond simple storage space, but would that force prices to go up? Who knows. There is a very slight rumor I saw spread throughout these boards that said Google Drive may be a potential partner. Would you be interested in something like that? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!