PS3 Trophies Go To Use In Bid For Greatness

You may have seen Sony’s latest commercials about being epic. The commercials have links to all kinds of PlayStation titles and use real costumes and other things to accomplish the visuals.

Well now you can bid on all of it. Starting today with the Killzone costume, you can head over to Bid For Greatness and bid away on all the items. The catch is that no real money is used, but instead your trophies from your PSN account. Yep those virtual trophies that are really not used for anything beyond bragging rights are now coming in handy.

Each item will be listed for 24 hours. You link your PSN account to the page and it will list how many GOLD trophies you have. This will be added to your account, and you can then use them to bid on the items. The Killzone costume is currently sitting at 300 trophies, and even I have no where near that much to bid. The good news is that they will only remove the trophies on the site and not your account as a whole. So no, you will not bid and lose everything.

I personally find it awesome, but at the same time reminds you that all that time you spend playing video games isn’t all that bad. Spend days earning trophies, and someone out there has double…..