PS4 Issues Shouldn’t Scare Anyone

Like stated almost every generation is going to launch to some small errors. Don’t be surprised when Xbox One runs into issues in a few days during its launch too. Don’t let it stop you from buying a console early though. It’s a fun experience that everyone should have from time to time. Ever been number 10 in Call of Duty? 

So why isn’t it an issue? 

Sony Already Addressed It

To start things off, Sony has already addressed it several times stating that less than 4% of consoles released have any issues at all. Yet some major sites will not tell you this, and instead insist that every PS4 you buy is at risk. With over a million units sold, you can realize just how little the issues are. If there were to be a widespread issue with the PS4, a recall would be made, and further shipments would be stopped. Yet Sony doesn’t seem all that concerned do they? 

Another concern is that a lot of the complaints are about supposedly the OS not functioning. This such as an updated new screen, streaming videos, content not showing up, slow downloads, etc…. Sony has also addressed this as “PSN Issues” due to maintence on the servers combined with high stress from the added users. (PS3 + PS4 + Vita) They stated that a lot of the issues from their message boards would simply be cleared up when the maintence is finished, which should be today. A lot of the features are already back online and the main OS features seemed to be functioning again without a hassle. 

People Complain Online, Instead of Praise

The problem with the internet is people like to get attention. If something doesn’t go their way, what do they do? Go to social media and other outlets to complain about it all day. Why? Because it gets them something. This is no different. People often go out of their way to complain, and in this case they might be bored without their PS4 and have nothing better to do. A PS4 breaks, you get stuck waiting a week to replace it, lets cry about it. Yet the hundreds of thousands of others are not exactly going out of their way to say “Yep, it works like its supposed to do, whats new?” The most you get out of those users is a casual “Well mine works fine…..” This is why the number of complaints seem so high. However again putting in context, you have maybe a few hundred complaints (at most) and a million units have been sold.


You also have to realize it’s really easy to fake something online. I don’t know what it is about cheering for a console to break, but it happens. It will happen when the Xbox One has a few issues too. Somehow broken consoles prove the opposing side is better. So you can also expect these same fans to go out of their way to exagerate on the issue at hand. Someone says “hey my PS4 didn’t turn on” and 5 opposing fans spread the word. 

The sad truth is a lot of the complaints and issues are false alarms all toghether. Pay really close attention and see how many people have evidence of their consoles breaking. Sure a few do, but others will get all heated about Sony “sucking” so much, and never actually tell you what broke or provide evidence. It’s times like this that makes you really question fanboys and their goals. Plus it happens with games too, ask a person heated about the game a specific question and they struggle to answer it. Why? Because they never played it to begin with. 


Above all else, if you somehow manage to get a broken PS4, they all come with a standard one year warranty. Within that year you are capable of buying a futher warranty through Sony to extend it. This covers any issues you may have, and Sony is rather responsive at sending replacement units. While they may be saying “oh we only repair” normally they just send a replacement and the turn around rate is maybe a week at most. However over the years I’ve owned many Sony electronics, and their products are normally of good quality that last a while. After all look at the failure rate of the PS3, it wasn’t too high at all. 

Overall I wouldn’t stress about getting a broken PS4. I would say go ahead and turn it on and “test it” if you are using it as a Christmas present, but beyond that it should be fine. Any electronic could be broken on arrival, especially if you have it shipped to you. Who knows how many trucks and planes your product was tossed on, and maybe your carrier was too lazy to care. It happens, but overall shouldn’t scare you from buying a PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season!