PS4’s Update 4.5 Comes Tomorrow, Adds External Hard Drive Support

We already discovered the latest update for the PS4 last month, and the most important feature is the ability to install games and apps to an external hard drive. The update has been in beta for certain users ever since, but it is finally releasing to all fans tomorrow.

The update also adds additional features according to the PlayStation Blog.

The updates include enhancements to PS VR which include higher resolution output on the home screen to external displays. The PS VR will also see some boost when playing in smaller screen sizes.

Remote Play will now have voice chat options for several devices. This means while you are streaming to PC or another device you can still chat with friends.

PS4 Pro users are also getting a “boost mode” which means that games that didn’t get an update to take advantage of PS4 Pro’s enhanced specs can still see a boost. Enabling the mode will allow older games to take advantage of the added horsepower which may add additional frame rates or faster load times.

Networking has also been improved with better responses to parties and additional features.

That’s all cool and all, but my goodness external hard drive support is finally coming!