PS4 System Update 4.0 Hitting Tomorrow, Includes HDR

Sony announced that the 4.00 update will go live tomorrow for all users. A big update with the firmware is the inclusion of HDR capabilities for all PS4 users, even those with the current standard PS4’s and slim’s.

A good majority of the update consists of software updates for the upcoming PS4 Pro. These updates include HD streaming for gameplay and via streaming to Twitch and Youtube. Both services will see higher resolution and frames during live streams.

The PS4 UI has also been slightly revamped with better menu’s, better navigation, and overall clearer communication. Folders and libraries have been added so that you can better organize your content. A lot of the changes include larger icons, and easier access to new content.

The quick menu, accessed by holding the PlayStation button down, will no longer take over the entire screen. Instead it will only take a portion of the screen and it comes with several changes within the content too. Additions include a better way to communicate with friends by accessing messages and seeing who is online through the quick menu, instead of opening the social area. We can now also control and browse Spotify, or the digital music player content, via the quick menu. The menu is also “smarter” by adapting to what you are doing. Steaming content, for example, will lead to the quick menu adding several shortcuts to help stream better.

There is now a new data transfer feature for PS4 to PS4. This enables you to transfer content between PS4’s (and PS4 Pro) via an ethernet cable attached to both of them via LAN.

HDR is being added, but it unclear if this adjusts the HDMI data transfer rate or how it will work on older units. Sony has stated:

HDR enables the reproduction of brightness and darkness while realizing a much wider range of colours. Users who own an HDR-compatible TV will be able to enjoy supported games and other entertainment content with visuals that are more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to the way the human eye sees the real world.

Two Step verification also takes place with the update, and Sony mentions several smaller updates will be found throughout the PS4. For example communication via messaging has been improved in a couple ways.

Via PlayStation Blog