PS5 September Update Adding SSD Expansion Hits Tomorrow

If you have had a PS5 since launch you’ve probably been patiently waiting for the SSD expansion slot to be activated. Especially if you have bigger games like a certain shooter that takes up way too much room every time it updates…..

Luckily tomorrow is the day we finally get the update that will enable PS5 to add SSD expansions. As announced on the PlayStation Blog, the September update is finally adding some much needed features to go with it.

Sony does stress the need for very specific SSDs to use with the PS5 which need to be a 2.1 and have an available cooling feature to go with it. Some compatible ones seem to be from Samsung and Western Digital. Though Sony states even with the compatible drives they may still be slower than the internal super fast drive that comes with the PS5.

Another big update is the added 3D audio for TV speakers. One of the coolest things PS5 does is enable 3D audio (similar to Dolby Atmos) for any pair of headphones, not just the PS5 Pulse headset. Now anyone can enable the 3D audio for standard TV speakers (or basic soundbars) by simply turning on the setting and adjusting the tuning to fit your room.

Some other cool features coming with the update include the ability to further modify pop up home menu by letting you move around icons on the tray, or disable them all together for quicker movement.

Also included in the menus will be a new trophy tracking system that allows you to select up to 5 trophies to track while playing the game, for quicker access on your progress. You will also be able to directly message friends from the game hub, along with completely disband a party with one click. Friends can now also see PS5 trophies from a PS4, thankfully.

On the PS App you will now be able to view live streams from friends as they screen share their games. PS Now streaming will also be able to utilize mobile data networks for streaming to phones and tablets.

Oddly a new accolade was also added titled “Leader” for anyone that figured out how the accolade system actually works.


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