PSVR 2 Includes A Rounded Ventilated Design

Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has updated us with some more visual looks of the PlayStation VR 2.

The new design features a curved look with a design inspired by the PS5 and related peripherals, to make your living room all look in line with each other. The design isn’t just for visual beauty either, the rounded shapes are designed to make the headset more comfortable than the previous PSVR, which was already a pretty comfortable headset. The design is a lead off the previously featured controllers as well.

Besides the rounded the design other changes from the first VR headset include a lighter weight, better balance with the single headband strap, and adjustable lenses. Also some neat new features were added as well including rumble feedback, and a nifty new vent area to prevent the VR from fogging up.

So far PSVR2 is stacking up pretty well against competing VR systems, but details are slowly coming about. We know what it looks like, and how it will perform, but still no release date or further games outside of Horizon. Stick around as we will be bringing you the latest details soon!


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