PSX 2017 Trailers All In One Place

 The opening conference for PSX didn’t offer much, but Sony has been following it up with a constant stream of new trailers for games. Most of them are indie titles, but others are some bigger hitters snuck in between. Check out the stream of content below.



 We then, of course, got some trailers from the conference itself, but nothing really new besides some VR titles. Even those didn’t really have full trailers though, check them out below. Including the Death Stranding trailer on repeat, because we can’t get enough of it!


You can also watch the entire conference below.


 Overall Sony did downplay the event stating a lot of their announcement had already been revealed throughout the year, with major hitters coming during Paris Games Week, and they were not wrong. The show offered very little beyond a cool looking VR title that we got no information on so far. It looks like a VR type of Rainbow Six Siege, which has my interest. If it plays anything like Rainbow Six I may actually have to buy a VR headset.

Stepping away from that there wasn’t anything exciting or worth talking about. No new trailers for games we already knew about, and a lot of re-treading things we’ve seen over the past year or two. We didn’t even get any new hard release dates or further information. Their biggest moment, Hideo Kojima talking about Death Stranding, was ruined by the Game Awards revealing the same trailer and a follow up interview that went no where. Hopefully over the new few days things will get a bit more exciting.