QuakeCon 2020 is Cancelled

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed another popular video game event. Bethesda Softworks and id Software have announced that they have decided to cancel QuakeCon 2020. They announced the news today, via the official QuakeCon twitter account.

As the statement acknowledges, QuakeCon 2020 was set to be the 25th anniversary of the annual convention. Now, any festivities that would’ve been held for the auspicious achievement will have to be on hold until 2021.

With the world practicing social distancing, at the behest of the CDC and WHO amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, several big name gatherings have been either cancelled or postponed in 2020. QuakeCon 2020 will now be added to that list next to the likes of E3 2020, NCAA March Madness, the NBA season, GDC 2020, along with countless other events.

While the news may be disappointing to Bethesda fans and annual attendees, it’s undoubtedly the right call to make. We are living in uncertain times with no clear end date for the pandemic in sight. It’s only right that Bethesda do what is best for their employees, volunteers, and guests and keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, the safest thing to do was to cancel the event altogether.

We at Cinelinx hope you all stay healthy, practice safe habits, and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and WHO. We’ll continue to update regularly and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this stronger than before.