Quakecon: John Carmack Declares XBOX One/PS4 “Essentially The Same”

Courtesy - ID Software/Bethesda

In his opening keynote address at this years Quakecon, John Carmack declared both the PS4 and XBOX One consoles are “essentially the same”. He acknowledged that while both devices have different hardware architecture, Carmack remarked “Its almost wierd how close they are”. He also added “In the near-term, its going to be a good thing for developers and gamers” referring to the current generation of consoles challenges with development due to using two different programming standards.

john carmack photo dnu

In addition, Carmack also spoke concerning the backlash to Microsofts comments at E3 concering their XBOX One policy, which has since been reversed. “I think the witch hunt is a little bit unjustified here”, clarifying his remark he stated ““I personally am extremely fond of having all of my digital purchases in a curated garden. All of my iTunes, all of my Amazon stuff, all of my Steam things. And it’s a positive thing”