Rammstein Helps Crypto Destroy All Humans! in Remake Reveal Trailer

After a lot of hints, rumors, and speculation THQ Nordic has officially announced Destroy All Humans! is being remade and I am losing my mind! Originally released in 2005, you played as Crypto, sent to earth to prob, study, kill all Earthlings in the name of the Furon Invasion Force!

This game was one of my favorite PS2 titles of all time and I really can’t wait to see what Crypto will be able to do in the remake of this video game cult classic. What makes this trailer even better is the addition of Ich Will, a fantastic rock song made by huge Berlin band Rammstein.

Since the song came out in 2001, this sends fans even further back and make use wonder…what else does THQ Nordic have up their sleeves? We can only wait and be patient, but until we hear more check out the trailer below and my recent gameplay of the original Destroy All Humans!