Raphael Revealed for Soul Calibur VI, Brings Roster to 20 Characters

Today, Bandai Namco has announced Raphael Sorel will return to The Stage of History! Being a series runner since Soul Calibur II, it is nice to see the return the fencing master and other characters to the series. This the announcment of Raphaels return, this puts the roster at a total of 20 Characters! This is a huge roaster for a fighting game, but will we see some of these chacters locked behind the story or arcade mode?

The total roster as of now is Astaroth Azwel (New Character), Cervantes, Geralt (Guest Character from The Witcher 3), Grøh (New Character), Ivy, Kilik, Maxi, Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Raphael, Seong, Mi-Na, Siegfried, Schtauffen, Sophitia, Taki, Talim, Tira (DLC/Pre-Order Bonus), Voldo, Xianghua, Yoshimitsu, Zasalamel, and more to come in the coming weeks! 

Below you can find the reveal trailer, screenshots, and a little bit of back story of Rapheal! Thanks for stopping in and come back soon for the latest news, review, previews, and more!





Raphael Sorel first appeared in Soul Calibur II. He was part of an Aristocratic French family until the night of the Evil Seed when he was forced to kill a noble who was driven insane in self-defense. Unfortunately for Raphael, the noble was supported by the Sorel family. As such he was cast out of his family and household and forced to fend for himself as he fled from the townspeople who were after him for the murder. While escaping his pursuers he encounters a young girl named Amy who shelters him.


After he manages to escape he flees with Amy to begin a new life. It’s not long before Raphael finds a letter which connects the Soul Edge to the night of the Evil Seed which drove the noble that attacked him insane. Raphael fears that the sword may fall into the hands of the nobles, and as such sets off in Soul Calibur II to find the sword with the purpose of using it to destroy the nobles in order to create a world for his foster daughter Amy, who cannot open herself up to the world. Raphael manages to track down the Azure Knight, Nightmare, but is heavily wounded during the ensuing battle. In one final moment of desperation, Raphael manages to gather enough strength to unleash a final attack into the eye of Soul Edge. His opponent screamed out in pain and Raphael lost consciousness. When he awoke he was surprised to find that he was still alive and that the Azure Knight had left.


Raphael was able to drag himself back to the mansion but passed out as he was near the brink of death. Amy finds him and tends to his wounds, saving his life. While recovering, however, his Soul Edge induced wounds were filled with an evil energy that he hadn’t noticed. By the time he realized what was happening it was too late. He had been transformed along with Amy, who was infected due to her handling of his wounds. Their skin turned pale, and their eyes a blood red. By day they felt weak, but by night they were filled with strength and a powerful thirst. The local residents took note, and thinking it was a plague, attempted to drive them away. The thought of vengeance passed through Raphael’s mind, but he decided to move away as Amy’s safety was his top priority. He was able to move to a new location, Wallachia.


There he decided to change the world, as Amy could not interact with it in its current state. As such he begins to infect other members of the town. One day, however, a visitor came with an amulet of a holy stone (Soul Calibur) and was able to revert the citizens back to their normal states. Upon hearing of the stone, Raphael attempted to steal it, only to have his hand burned upon contact with the stone. Enraged he destroyed it. In Soul Calibur III Raphael sets out with the purpose of destroying the source of the Holy Stone to ensure Amy’s safety.


In Soul Calibur IV he learns of Soul Calibur and seeks its power to create a new world worthy of Amy.