Raven Software Teases Singularity 2… Or Another Remaster

Raven Software sent out this Tweet that has the above image and the words ” We’re going back…”

If the image isn’t enough of a sign, then they also put Katorga12 in a hashtag, which is in reference to the location in the first game.

The 25 is in reference to Raven Software becoming 25 years old this year. They currently work as DLC makers for the Call of Duty franchise, but were also helpers with Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein at one point.

Singularity was a full retail release from Raven in 2010 just before they become DLC makers for Call of Duty. The game is a first person shooter with a slight twist. You could “rewind time” on objects, which meant if something was broken you could unbreak it. Or you could do the opposite too, which lead to many puzzles.

Personally I feel the game totally flies under radar as I enjoyed it a ton! I still have it and have returned to it a few times now. The gameplay is great and it feels like Call of Duty with a slight twist to it.

While this is exciting to me as I really hope we see a return, I’m not getting my hopes up. This generation is filled with “remasters” and for all we know they are just hinting that we will get a remaster of the game for new consoles….. yawn, we want something new! So I say we show support and show them we want a second, not a remaster!