Recent DOOM Eternal Concept Art Might Tease Heaven vs Hell Battle

During last years Quakecon, we had the great opportunity to not only see the reveal gameplay for DOOM Eternal…we also got to sit down with Game Director Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin and talk about the game. As the resident DOOM fan, during the presentation, I noticed some concept art that looked a bit different from the normal hell style of DOOM.

In said concept art, you can see that everything seems much brighter and has almost an angelic look. So, of course, I had the ask the Hugo and Marty if we can plan on seeing a bit of Heaven VS. Hell or Good VS. Evil in the game and this is what they had to say. (Click Play Below)

As you can see, by their reactions it’s looking like DOOM Eternal will have a lot more to offer story-wise than ever before! Then, two days ago, the Official DOOM Twitter Page tweeted out an image of the “HELL GATE”.

I don’t know about you all, but this image gets me even more pumped for what is to come in DOOM ETERNAL. Could this HELL GATE be just a place you enter for a level…or will we see the DoomSlayer take on the Devil himself. This also really makes me think we will see a large battle between these forces of good and evil or Heaven and Hell.

This is only speculation so we don’t know yet, but we are hoping to find out more at E3 2019 and Quakecon 2019. We will be at both events, so make sure to check back here for more news or Follow us on twitter for live updates from the event.