Recent Poll Shows Gamers Don’t Prefer Digital

We’ve all read that story that GameStop is in for terrible times as everyone transitions to digital sales. New consoles allow for more evolved digital purchases, and one even tried to be 100 percent Digital to an extent. So of course its all bad news for GameStop, right?

Well turns out that gamers that purchase these games prefer to have a disc from a retail store than on a digital marketplace.

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Source: GameSpot

The survey is for people purchasing the new consoles on the market. There is a clear winner for “boxed” versions of the games over digital. The 5 leading reasons are as follows:

  • Lack of resale and trade-in value

  • Preference of a physical copy for a collection

  • Lack of sufficient hard drive space on the console

  • Slow downloads or throttled speeds/download caps from their ISP

  • Lack of digital ownership rights

All are legitimate reasons to not really enjoy digital content. As storage space grows, so does the amount of data each game will take. Tomorrows release of Titanfall comes with a 48GB install (digital), then you tack on DLC and any updates the game recieves, and that 500GB hard drive no longer looks that big.

However the strongest reason to this day seems to be ownership of a disc. People want to trade in their 5 hour games for the new games, and you can’t do that with digital.As for GameStop? Well the entire industry “wasnt fairing well” mid last year due to declining sales, but GameStop has actually exceeded their sales numbers by the end of the year. AAA releases like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty did GameStop well, but the most important release was the new consoles. People are no longer holding out purchases now that they have next generation machines in their houses.