Relive The Greatest War Story With A Total War Saga: Troy

This morning brings the announcement of the next Total War game which will center on the epic battle of Troy.

I’m super excited about this announcement. I caught wind of it a few days ago and was crossing my fingers it was true. Thankfully, it is, and we’ll soon be able to relive one of the most iconic wars ever told…the Battle of Troy.

A Total War Saga: Troy will take players further back in time than any other Total War title, allowing gamers the chance to shape the Aegean civilization and experience the epicness of Homer’s Illiad through a more historical lens. I’m all in:

Homer’s Iliad is rich with myth, legends, gods and monsters. TROY casts these stories through a historical lens to consider what might have really happened but ultimately lets you decide which heroes will fall in battle and which will be immortalised in legend.

The battlefields will tremble under the feet of renowned warriors like Achilles and Hector but it will take more than brute force alone to lay claim to the legendary city of Troy. You will need to deftly manage a barter economy, conduct diplomacy among friends and foes, and curry the very favour of the Gods themselves before etching your name in the annals of history.

Total War Saga titles channel the grand strategy and real-time battles of a core Total War game into an intense flashpoint in time, letting you determine the outcome of pivotal moments in history. This change in scope and perspective makes Total War Saga the perfect home for innovation, often leading to new ideas that go on to influence future tentpole titles.

A Total War Saga: Troy will hit PCs in 2020.