Remember Me Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

Available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Remember Me will also debut across Europe June 7.

Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me first appeared at Gamescom 2011 under the name Adrift, and reappeared at Capcom’s press conference at the same event in 2012 with a fairly comprehensive gameplay demo

Since then, we’ve not seen too much, however what has been on show looks very intriguing.

Remember Me is a science-fiction thriller, set in Neo-Paris in the year 2084. People appear to have the ability to remix and erase other people’s memories, as well as swap memories between different people – all made possible by watchdog corporation Memoreyes, who specialise in memory manipulation. Our hero, Nilin, a former Memoreyes ‘Memory Hunter’, has had her memory wiped and is being hunted down without her knowing why.

The latest trailer shows off a cinematic storyline with serious potential, as well as some fast-paced, Batman Arkham-inspired melee combat.

Check it out on our Youtube channel, or simply gaze at your leisure below: