Resident Evil 7 Trailer Returns To Horror Roots

Resident Evil: Biohazard (or Biohazard: Resident Evil in Japan) got a new trailer showcasing the environment in the upcoming title. It seems to be truly returning to the survival horror roots, and it feels very familar to the playable demo environment released at E3.

Capcom has mentioned that the playable demo at E3 actually has nothing to do with the overall game other than showcasing the tone the game is heading. This trailer seems to back up that statement.

The trailer focuses on a character name Mia as she explores a house where the infected are roaming around. Much like the playable demo released at E3, this trailer isn’t showcasing the game itself and is instead hinting at the world the game is taking place in. The trailer does confirm that the house from the playable trailer was on plantation in Louisiana run by Jack and Marguerite Baker.

Also suggested is that instead of action sequences the game will return to the roots of exploration and finding clues to advance within the game. The classic inventory system of early games is also returning.

Resident Evil 7 is releasing January 24 for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, and it will also have a VR component for PlayStation VR.