Respawn Revolutionizes the Battle Royale Genre with Apex Legends

For some time now, rumors have swirled that Respawn Entertainment, an Electronic Arts studio, was working on Titanfall 3.  While that may have been in development, at one point, they’ve now turned their gaze in the direction of a Battle Royale game in the confines of the Titanfall universe.  It’s resulted in a fresh take on the traditional Battle Royale style, as teams of three fight for dominance as and against 8 different legends.  This is Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends, the game starts out similar to most Battle Royale game, like Fortnite, in that you drop down into an ecclectic environment with a group of three.  There is also a harmful barrier that shrinks the stage until everyone is close enough to finish the fight.  Unlike games like Fortnite, you jump down together, utilize specialty powers based on the legend you chose, and you have the ability to revive fallen comrades, just by simply collecting their tag and taking it to the nearest Respawn Beacon.  That, alone, changes how the Battle Royale genre is played.  Before, if you die, you just spectate or leave until the next game.  This allows players a certain amount of investment to stay in the game.

Obviously, the biggest difference from your prototypical Battle Royale game and Apex Legends is the fact that you can select a unique character to play as.  Choose wisely, though, as you’ll need the right mix to survive the Outlands.  The Legends are as follows:









Apex Legends is available now for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC, as a Free-to-Play title.  However, when the first season of Apex Legends kicks off next month, in March, the game will allow players to purchase their Battle Pass, which gives exclusive cosmetic items, earned through gameplay.  

To see the different shades you can make your character and a deeper dive into the Apex Legends itself, see below.  There’s also a pretty entertaining Launch Trailer…