Far Cry 6 is Everything I Have Wanted From an Open World Game | Review

Far Cry 6 is taking the franchise to new places. While not everything hits, what the game does right, it does REALLY right. Check out our review.

Since the Far Cry series first launched in 2004, Ubisoft has pushed the series to new heights with each installment. When Far Cry 6 was announced I was very excited about this title, though I have my reserves, I couldn’t wait to dive into this world.

After having to wait a bit longer with the game being delayed twice, the game is finally here for us all to enjoy. I have spent some time with the game and still have a lot to do in this sprawling wild world, but I am glad to say that thing is everything I have wanted from an open-world title!

As you can see, Far Cry 6 is definitely one of my favorite games in the franchise and I think you’ll have a blast playing it as well. The wait was definitely worthwhile.

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