Hands On With the Dualshock 4 Controller for PS4

Sony has stuck to a similar design for the PlayStation controller for every generation. When they went to change things up for PS3, people got mad. When they don’t change anything dramatic, people get mad. This time Sony tried to split it down the middle by providing a classic and familiar looking controller with some definite improvements. While things are mostly the same, Sony has taken the criticisms from those gamers who love to hate their current controller and improved on them.

Previous controllers felt rather small in your hand after a while, especially if you had just used other controllers. This caused cramping, or uncomfortable play.  Sony improved upon this with rounded handles that are a bit wider and fit in your hand much better. The rounded handles allow it to sit firmly in the palm of your hand. The triggers have a new convex, inward curve (trigger style), to them and makes a massive difference when compared to PS3 controllers. They also curve with your fingers, forming a sort of ‘lip’ that prevents them from slipping off during play.


The newly added touch surface is actually rather comfortable as well. It’s easily reachable with your thumbs, comfortable to the touch, and overall shouldn’t be a hassle. I haven’t gotten a chance to utilize it just yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I also didn’t get a chance to try out any motion controls with the controller yet, but the glowing lights are not distracting at all. In fact once the controller is in your hand, you don’t even realize its glowing.

Overall the controller was rather light as well. I failed to pay attention to any rumble features, but the improvements to the controller feel like a large step up from the current Dualshock. Everything from FPS to action games were fluid, and I actually had trouble reverting to my Vita because the new analog sticks on the PS4 controller were so great. So what do you think about the new controller? Will this be enough features to keep your appeal?

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