Rated: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Review

The Good: A visual treat of neon infused comic book art come to life. Quick time events are actually fun and can lead to very violent outcomes.

A well-written story filled with dark noir tones, humor, fascinating characters and the unexpected.

The Bad: Some frame rate drops on the Xbox version.

The same strange pause in between dialogue choices that has plagued Telltale games in the past.


 Episode one of The Wolf Among Us is a great example of the evolution of the point and click adventure games of the past. The world of Fables is brimming with twisted versions of the fabled characters of literature. In Fabletown, a secret community in New York where famed characters conceal their true identities with magic, nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide. The characters you remember from your youth are gone and are now replaced with foul mouthed and complex characters that live in our real world.

When a fellow Fable turns up brutally murdered, it’s up to Sheriff Bigby, or the Big Bad Wolf as you might know him, to solve the case with his would-be love interest Snow (White).

What unfolds is a gripping two hours of diverging story paths, visceral fight scenes and a healthy dose of whodunit. If you have played Telltales Game’s The Walking Dead, then you will have a good idea of the mechanics of the gameplay. This is an extremely narrative-driven adventure. In-game traversal is limited to story progression and quick time events come at you hot and heavy.

The real charm for this iteration of the formula is the real path choices that happen. You are literally given the choice several times as to which direction the story will progress to. Given that, a few playthroughs might be a good idea to see how your different choices can ultimately affect the outcome of the rest of the planned five-part series.


Episode one of The Wolf Among Us is a great start to what is hopefully an incredible story.

Highly Recommended


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