Rock Band 4 Will Be Produced By Mad Catz And Harmonix

According to Mad Catz, they will be handling global retail sales, promotion and distribution of the game and hardware bundles globally. Meanwhile Harmonix, developer of the game, will handle digital sales and DLC.

This of course coming after EA had dropped Rock Band 3 support, and Mad Catz helped pick it back up and keep it alive. EA has noted to have no interest in buying Harmonix as it “made no sense to investors” when sales of music rythm games were slipping.

Mad Catz is a major periphal maker for video games and thus they will also be producing a brand new lineup of instruments for the game. The new improvements are slight tweaks to make it a bit more comfortable to play, but still allow older instruments to be used.

Spokesman for Mad Catz noted “”Mad Catz have a deep appreciation for the amazing work by Harmonix and we can’t wait to play our part in delivering Rock Band to passionate gamers everywhere!” He also stated that the partnership allows them to make better periphals for the game that consumers will enjoy.

Included were images of the new instruments, we included the guitar below.


Rock Band 4 was announced earlier this year and is slated to hit shelves in the Fall. Guitar Hero was not far behind.