Rockstar Gives Red Dead Online Beta Players More In-Game Gold and Cash

Rockstar keeps making their fans happier and happier. It has been announced that Rockstar will be sending Beta players and people that pre-orders the game, in game cash and gold bars. If you played the beta from launch day up to December 20th you will 15 Gold bars and you should get them in account by December 24th.

Players that pre-ordered the game, depending on the version, will get a good chunk of cash in the pockets! The Special Edition Owners will get RDO$100, Ultimate Edition Owners RDO$1,000 and Everyone who pre-ordered the normal version will get RDO$100. So if you got the Special or Ultimate edition, you’ll be getting a good bit of cash! You can now also buy in-game gold from the RDO store now with realy cash.

The gold avalible to buy is 25 gold bars for $9.99, 55 gold bars for $19.99, 150 gold bars for $49.99, 245 gold bars for $74.99, and 350 gold bars for $99.99. It is cool they have the store open now, but I am glad this is not something I would buy! For more news on this game and to see some upcoming livestreams from our team, check back here at Cinelinx!