Rockstar Updates Website Art, Possible Hint to Next Grand Theft Auto

Back in 2016, the internet went ablaze when Rockstar Games updated their website and shared images of a red and black Rockstar logo. This started the hype train for what then became Red Dead Redemption 2, one of Rockstars’ most highly recognized games of all time.

We fast forward to 2020 and rumors have been swirling for years now that Rockstar will be returning to the world of GTA. One of the biggest rumors is the return to Vice City, which just so happens to be my favorite GTA to date. Recently Rockstar updated its website art with a new image that oddly resembles artwork from the mid-’70s or ’80s.

rockstar image gta 6 hint

As a Rockstar fan, it is hard not to get excited about seeing this image, but I did find something interesting while doing some digging. A twitter user pointed out that the bottle of champaign was dated 1998, could that mean if this image is GTA related we could be playing our next title in Vice City during the 1990s? If so, please sign me up right now! The 90s are the perfect timeframe for a GTA title, especially cause of the music!

There is no confirmation that this has anything to do with GTA at all, but we can only hope that in the next few months, hopefully at E3 2020, we will get some news to go along with this amazing image!