Rumor: Amazon Leaks A New Edition Of Metal Gear Solid 5

Amazon seems to be the king of leaks recently with listings of upcoming games showing up before they are officially announced. Amazon of course deletes the listings, or replaces the content with place holder information, but generall speaking it is a sign that something is coming.

The latest leak is for Metal Gear fans as a listing for Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Ex was listed on Amazon earlier today. The discovery comes thanks to Reddit, but the listing has been removed with neither Amazon or Konami mentioning anything.

The title itself is interesting considering the edition is called “Ex” and not “Ed” which could give it some type of purpose. Everything else in the listing was simple placeholder information, as-if someone were simply preparing the listing for release. So the date and even format were all listed incorrectly.

Being as the item was removed we assume this was an official Amazon listing and not a third party listing.

The question then arises about what exactly could be included in any type of ultimate edition of the game. Kojima recently left the studio so whatever additional content is added wasn’t from him, or his studio as that too was disbanded. What’s left is the possibility that Ground Zeroes is included in a bundle deal, along with all the cosmetic items for the games multiplayer. Though that still doesn’t sound like enough content.

Other rumors suggest that perhaps the missing Chapter 3 portion of the game will be included somehow, but since Konami is already on the bad side with fans I doubt they want to make everyone rebuy the game for such content.

Another route they could take is finishing a talked about online expansion and including that with the release.

If all else, this was just a joke by someone and it doesn’t exist at all, but we will keep you updated if any news breaks out!