Rumor Control – Call of Duty: Ghosts To Be Announced In May

Youtube user Drift0r has stated he has sources that are “part of the Call of Duty machine,” or in other words working on the game that have contacted him to reveal some information about the upcoming game. However being it is just a Youtube rumor for now, we will leave it at that. So take the next tid bits however you wish.

According to Drift0r the next game in the franchise will be titled Call of Duty: Ghosts, yes Ghosts and not Ghost like the beloved character. The name aligns up with the rumored storyline he talks about as well. According to the source, the story plot has the game set in the future similar to Black Ops 2, but something happens to where they need to use “modern weapons” like Modern Warfare to get things done. Thus they are “Ghosts” probably hacking, or hiding, from the technology. The game is replacing or running along side the Modern Warfare storyline, and becoming its own storyline like Black Ops.

Along with the new story comes new gameplay. Players will be able to roll while prone, slide while shooting, and peek around corners. The game will also feature “dynamic load screens” such as breaking into a new area instead of “countdown timers” in the beginning of multiplayer matches. The game will also feature destructive enviroments in single player that may or may not be ported over to the multiplay eventually.

The key thing behind this rumor is the fact that Ghosts will supposedly only be released for next generation platforms. This begs the question of rather this will be a stand alone game for next generation, while modern consoles get Modern Warfare 4, or will Activision take a risk and not release another Call of Duty at the same time for all consoles. Or perhaps this game will be ported over shortly after release? It has been rumored that Infinity Ward is already working on a next generation title.

Lastly, the rumor keeps spinning with a “May 1st announcement” supposedly coming. However this sounds like a placeholder date with “early May” a better suggestion. Which times things perfectly with the trends of the previous games. If all else fails, we will hear more at E3, if not before May.

Source: Youtube Drift0r