Rumor Control: Amazon Set To Release Game Console

There is a battle brewing in the tech world, and its the battle for the TV. This isn’t your sibling rivalry on who gets to watch TV, but companies battling to be the person you choose to watch the TV. Apple is in a pre-push for living room control, Microsofti s utilizing the Xbox to do it, Sony has already been there for a while, and now companies like Amazon are using video games as well to bridge the gap.

According to Game Informer, an Amazon rep has reported that Amazon is already in a development phase of releasing an Android based console. The console is set to utilize the Amazon Marketplace and will be direct competition to the Ouya. Ouya is a Kickstarter funded start up that has struggled out of the gates. Units were delayed in shipment, shipped wrong, and then units were not selling as expected in some circumstances. Only 27 percent of Ouya users have purchased content from the store. A majority seem to be utilizing the console as a game emulator for classic titles, will Amazon take a similar approach? Or will it be locked down?

The unit is expected to release by the end of the year, possibly around Black Friday. Further details are sure to come, so stick around for those. However how do you feel about this announcement?

Personally it seems a bit odd that Amazon is jumping on this. If its dirt cheap, like the Google Chromecast (an answer to Apple TV), then they might have a market. I think this is all it honestly is. A branch for Amazon to have a bigger TV box, and they utilize gaming to target that niche market. If it were a true console, why wouldn’t they have something prepared for E3? Above all else, wouldn’t Ouya’s lacking overall focus be a clue to not follow suit? They do have a secret weapon with Kindle Fire though, and that should be interesting.