Rumor Control: Is Someone Other Than David Hayter Going to Voice Snake?

For many, David Hayter is, and always will be, the definitive voice of the grizzled Metal Gear Solid protagonist.  Whether is’ Big Boss or Solid Snake, it’s hard to picture the character without that iconic voic behind it.  To be honest, I myself can’t seem to picture it.  It just feels wrong to even think of such a thing!  Even so, it’s not uncommon for classic game characters to be re(voice)cast.  Just look at Sam Fisher getting a new voice in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist. 

Hayter sent out this cryptic tweet the other day that raises some eyebrows:



Seriously…what the hell is up with that?  Obviously, we’re wildly speculating at this point since he doesn’t come out and say he won’t be doing the voice, but it seems odd that he would pose such a question if it weren’t a possibility for the upcoming game.  The general consensus in the replies he’s received are that it’s a terrible idea and wouldn’t be the same.  I’d have to agree.  Would it prevent me from buying the game?  Probably not, but it just wouldn’t feel like Metal Gear without him.

Hopefully this is just a ‘what if’ type of tweet and there’s nothing serious behind it, but we can’t rule out that he might be trying to prepare fans for the worst.  How would you feel if David Hayter didn’t come back for Snake in future games?