RUMOR: Xbox is Looking to Reveal Two Consoles at E3 2019

In a recent report by JeuxVideo, Xbox is planning on showcasing two Xbox systems during the E3 2019 Press Convention. It was announced at last years Xbox Press Event, that the company is working on the future. Rumores started to stir that the company would possibly be making more than one console. Since then we have heard rumor after rumor about these new consoles, but now it seems that JeuxVideo has some pretty hard evedince.

Originally named Xbox Scarlet, said consoles will be named Lockheart and Anaconda with one being digital at a cheaper price and the other being a bit more beefy on hardware, priced around $500. For some Xbox fans this pretty great news, but for me (who just bought an Xbox One X) it kinda blows. This is a problem for me because I think the current generation of consoles are doing great and still have enough time to sell fairly well.

Announcing a new console, two years after the release of the “most powerful” Xbox ever just doesnt make sense to me. I wish Xbox would have just stuck with their original plan for an all digital console back in 2013, launched the console at $399, then we wouldnt be in the situation we are now. Now, this is still considerd a rumor since we havent heard an official statement from Xbox, but until then check back here for more news on all things Xbox, E3, and more!


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