An Overwatch Sequel Might Be Revealed This Week

BlizzCon is days away and rumors are flying fast and furious about what gamers can expect, with the latest saying we’ll get to see Overwatch 2 revealed. 

While many are expecting to see Diablo IV, which has been long rumored, revealed at BlizzCon’s opening event on November 1st, it sounds like that may not be the only sequel fans can look forward to. According to a new report from ESPN, Blizzard will be revealing Overwatch 2.

According to them, the game will feature an all new mode, PvE, new maps, and an extra hero to play with, all of which will be more story-focused. While I wouldn’t expect much of the core gameplay experience to change, it’ll be interesting to see what other changes they’re bringing to the title.

It’s Blizzard, and they generally don’t push out a full SEQUEL unless they change up enough to make it worthwhile. So if the report is true, it sounds like we won’t have much longer to wait in order to learn more.

What do you hope to see out of Overwatch 2?

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