UPDATE: PlayStation 5 Release Date Scheduled for October 2020 Per Sony Job Listing

[Update: Sony has informed Japanese publication Famitsu that the October 2020 release date was a mistake made by the recruitment website. The rest of the original article continues below.]

A new job listing from Sony Interactive Entertainment has surfaced on the Japanese recruiting site, Rikunabi NEXT, revealing the release date of the PlayStation 5. The screenshot below, taken by gaming insider @Nibellion, reveals that Sony’s next-gen system will release in October 2020.

Compared to Microsoft, Sony‘s promotion of the PlayStation 5 has been very subtle. They started with a Wired article last year, describing faster load times and the controller. Then, they revealed the PS5 logo, which blew up Instagram. Not too long after that, console designer Mark Cerny delivered a tech overview. Lastly, the most recent piece of news was the DualSense controller reveal (pictured). We haven’t even seen the box or know what launch titles will be released with the PS5. Yet, it appears now we have a release date.

It’s rumored that Sony will have a press conference in June that will likely show off the actual PlayStation 5 box and any titles both 3rd party and 1st party coming to the console. If that is the case, here’s hoping they confirm this October 2020 release date, along with a price. Although, posting this information on an actual, legit job site is quite damning. (Anyone qualified for it should also apply for it because it looks like a sweet gig.)

As more news unfolds on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we’ll have it here on Cinelinx.

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