Rumor Control: Splinter Cell, Rage 2, Gears of War 5 and More To Be Revealed at E3 2018

Listing’s on Walmart Canada (now removed) had shown several pictures, possibly placeholders, for several upcoming games. The games included Splinter Cell, Rage 2, Lego DC Villains, Gears of War 5, a new Assassin’s Creed and Just Cause 4.

Note that under the same leak there were several placeholders for other games like The Last of Us 2, or The Division 2 that were correct. These other games also had the wrong names, again because they are placeholders, for such games like Dragon Quest 2 which most likely will be Dragon Quest Builders 2. So simply pushing it aside because a game doesn’t have the right name listed wouldn’t be so wise.

So what do we think of the leak? It most likely is an early surprise for both fans and developers, but it seems to be true. Looking at it game by game.

First Rage 2, while probably not the name it most likely is happening. Bethesda has been going through their game library and pushing out some great content, and instead of letting ID jump directly back into Doom they probably gave them their turn with Rage again. While the first game didn’t pan out too well, the developers have noted how they would love to go back and do things right with a sequel. Well Bethesda, as far as I can tell, hasn’t been hinting at another major franchise from these studios yet and this could be it. Bethesda did take notice of the leak and joked about it with the image below, but didn’t directly deny it.

rage 2


 That being said one thing I notice with all these games is that they could all be part of a deal with Microsoft. With Microsoft talking a lot about boosting their game lineup, they normally head to third parties to get some type of timed deal. I don’t agree with it, but these publishers have all worked with them in some regard previously. Even if it meant simply showing their game at the Xbox Conference first. ID especially is very friendly with Microsoft and Rage 2 could be an Xbox One X highlight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rage 2 by some means is an Xbox exclusive.

Ubisoft games are also easy to pinpoint. For one Splinter Cell is obviously coming, Ubisoft has done everything but literally tell us “Splinter Cell is coming.” They’ve added content to Ghost Recon, and have hinted it in numerous other ways. This gives some credit to the listings because the game isn’t “officially” announced, but was added to a retailer line up. Assassin’s Creed is Ubisoft’s yearly Call of Duty so we will see what comes of that.

The only two iffy games on the list seem to be Just Cause 4 and Gears 5. Both games have rather extensive development cycles and neither one has really been strongly hinted yet. As for Gears, Microsoft has been doing a lot of Halo talk lately and 343 Studios has been at it too. Normally Microsoft won’t showcase both of their core franchises at the same time, but considering Xbox has had basically no AAA exclusives lately it might make sense to do so this year. Last year Sony really pummeled Microsft at E3 by announcing and talking about games that were more than a year out, so Microsoft might do the same thing this year to at least make their lineup look appealing. As for Just Cause 4 , even if it is announced I don’t expect the studio behind the game to get it out timely. Unless the publisher is hot on their tail.

Considering my theory about working with Microsoft, I don’t expect these rumors to be addressed directly until E3 next month. Unless Microsoft gives them the okay to start talking about them before the conference, but they really enjoy their “exclusive first look” announcements. It’s just strange to me as normally it is Sony that has a leaking ship heading into E3, Microsoft is often more tight lipped about everything.