RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Greenlit by Sony


As the next generation looms, it sounds like Guerilla Games is preparing to dramatically expand the world of Horizon Zero Dawn

Video Game Chronicle is reporting that multiple sources have revealed that Sony Entertainment has given Amsterdam-based Guerilla Games the greenlight to expand on the award-winning universe in Horizon Zero Dawn in the form of a trilogy of games.

VGC writes that Guerilla games “had always desired to deliver a series of Horizon games,” noting that a multi-part script was written. The plan to expand on the universe in Zero Dawn was not officially agreed upon until after its commercially successful launch on Feb. 28, 2017.

The second title in the series, being referred to as Horizon Zero Dawn 2, began development following the release of the first with the intention to launch on the PlayStation 4, but VGC says plans and focus have shifted to release the new title on the PlayStation 5.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is said to be ‘gigantic’ in scope with a larger game world and more freedom to explore it than in its predecessor,” VGC wrote. “People with knowledge of the game also indicated the inclusion of a co-op feature, although it’s not clear if this is delivered via the main story or a separate mode.”

According to VGC, cooperative play was intended to be in the first game but the plan was scrapped so the development team could focus on other areas of the game.

Sony confirmed last month that Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch on PC later this year. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has not been given a release date, tentative or otherwise.