The Next Star Fox Game Could Be a Racing Spin-off

As E3 2018 inches closer, the rumors are coming fast and furious. Today brings word of a new Star Fox game, though it’s not at all what we were expecting. The rumor originated over at 4Chan (not the greatest source I know), but has since been backed by a few reporters worth trusting; specifically Eurogamer in this instance. 

According to rumors, Retro Studios (best known for the Metroid Prime series and the new Donkey Kong Country games) is hard at work developing a Star Fox racing spin-off called Star Fox Grand Prix. Supposedly it’ll be a mix of Diddy-Kong Racing (boss fights and a hub world) with F-Zero.

This is, most assuredly, not the direction I was expecting the franchise to go. While Star Fox Zero on the Wii U didn’t deliver on what fans were hoping for (mostly due to the odd control scheme), many have been eagerly hoping for a more ‘traditional’ follow-up to the beloved aarial shooter. Despite my consternation at Nintendo, there’s no denying that Retro has a phenomenal track record. They’ve made incredible games and there’s no doubt this racer would be equally awesome. Still, I hope to one day see a return to the space combat of Star Fox that I love so much…

While the previous leak we reported on appears to be true based off the newly revealed Rage 2 trailer, we might have to wait until the big show before the latest Star Fox rumor is either confirmed or debunked. What do you think of the rumor, and how would you feel about it if it turns out to be true? 


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