RUMOR: Next Gen Consoles To Be Announced In March

As picked up by, the report suggests that both Sony and Microsoft will reveal their upcoming consoles in “Apple-style press conferences” at a time “near the Game Developers Conference in March” – the event which takes place between March 23-25 in San Francisco.

The report stated: “We hear that both Sony and Microsoft are targetting special Apple-style press conferences to unveil their platforms near the Game Developers Conference in late March.

“E3 in June may be the industry’s biggest event, but both companies want to give their systems their own limelight.

“That doesn’t mean E3 won’t be without surprises. Next-gen games will be announced at the convention in preparation for the systems’ release at the end of the year.”

We reported earlier today that Sony’s Home Entertainment vice president, Hiroshi Sakatomi had hinted at a May reveal prior to E3, however this report suggests we’ll hear even sooner than that.

Now, if any of this is to be believed the big question is this: who will deliver first? Sony or Microsoft? 

Let the games begin…